NGP Multibarrier Paper is the combination of deforestation-free raw materials with a sustainable coating of unprecedented functionality. With this EU-compliant innovation, we are taking the issue of plastic waste prevention a quantum leap forward.


NGP papers are made from tree-free or deforestation-free raw materials produced according to strict sustainability criteria. All NGP products are coated with a novel, water-based dispersion varnish that gives the paper barrier properties comparable to plastic. Free of toxic effects on the environment. At the same time, NGP products provide all the practical advantages crucial for the packaging industry in the future. A prime example is our premium paper made from sugar cane:

  • resource-efficient production
  • food-safe
  • GMO-free
  • free from bleaching agents and dyes
  • excellent water, fat and water vapour barrier
  • optional oxygen barrier
  • cold and heat resistant
  • sealable
  • fully recyclable in the waste paper stream
  • fully printable on non-coated side


Thanks to their universal material properties, multi-barrier papers from NextGenPaper can replace countless plastic packaging in the food and non-food sectors in the future.

  • Flow Packs
  • Sealed Trays & Cups
  • Deep-Freeze Packaging
  • Dry Food Packaging
  • Folding Boxes
  • Take-Away & OTC Packaging
  • Fruit & Vegetable Trays
  • Candy Wraps
  • Stickers & Labels
  • Cardboard Tubes


  • fruit and vegetables
  • meat, fish and poultry
  • frozen foods
  • chilled foods
  • ready meals
  • dried foods
  • savoury snacks
  • sweets
  • baked goods
  • cheese and milk products
  • tea and coffee
  • other food products
  • drinks
  • pet food
  • cosmetics and personal care products
  • pharmaceutical and medical products
  • tobacco
  • to-go cups

The Perfect 

The technical properties of 
NGP multibarrier papers

The compatibility of NGP products is comprehensively certified. The same applies to the processing of our multi-barrier papers which can be produced on existing standard machines virtually without refitting effort. For the necessary minor adjustments, NGP the necessary know-how to ensure a smooth changeover from plastic packaging to sustainable NGP solutions.

Sustainability claims* for NextGenPaper include:

  • PE-/PLA-free
  • free of bisphenol A
  • free of plasticisers
  • free of PFAS (Per- und Polyfluroalkylderivaten)
  • PVDC-free
  • Halogen-free
  • MOSH/MOAH-free
  • temperature resistant between up to 140 °C

*compared to plastic


  • Direct food contact, Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, LFBG, (EU) No 10/2011, Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21
  • Recycling PTS-RH 021:2012
  • Oxygen ISO 15105-1
  • Water vapour ISO 2528:2017-10
  • Water ISO 535:2014-06
  • Grease resistance according to ISO 16532-02:2007-09 & ISO 16532-01:2008-12

Standardised and   

The NextGenPaper production process 

Our certified manufacturing process supports consistent sustainability management along the value chain. It enables the seamless tracing of raw material sources. And we have calibrated it for the greatest possible flexibility and productivity. 


When selecting our paper suppliers, we urge them to be conscious of their carbon footprint, use environmentally friendly raw materials and comply with NextGenPaper values.


The patented, water-based and PE-/PLA-free NGP dispersion coating is our key technology. The worldwide demand for this INGEDE-certified coating from controlled production is met at the German site.


NextGenPaper has patented its coating processes for various paper qualities. NGP products can therefore be manufactured to strictly controlled quality standards via licensees anywhere in the world.

All you need

NGP product range

The NGP product portfolio currently consists of two environmentally friendly qualities, each available in the coatings "Multi" (with oxygen barrier) and "Ultra" (without oxygen barrier). The products differ mostly in terms of aroma protection.


NGP Sugar Cane Resist – maximum sustainable 
NGP Sugar Cane Resist Oxy+ – maximum sustainable, with aroma protection


  • made from organically grown sugar cane fibres
  • tree-free + deforestation-free
  • natural brown colour
  • available in grammages from 40 to 295 g

Multi-barrier KRAFT PAPER

NGP Kraft Paper Resist – maximum sustainable 
NGP Kraft Paper Resist Oxy+ – maximum sustainable, with oxygen barrier


  • from sustainable forestry
  • deforestation-free
  • unlimited availability
  • deal for very price-sensitive products
  • little dispersion application required
  • pure white colour
  • vailable in grammages from 40 to 295 g

The NGP All-Star

Tree-free Multi-Barrier Paper from Sugar Cane

Our multibarrier papers made from the sugar cane waste of sugar production are the beacon product from NextGenPaper. They are made from waste from the sugar cane industry called "bagasse". Qualitatively, they are in no way inferior to wood-containing paper - yet they are veritable sustainability champions:

  • no additional areas under cultivation
  • rapidly renewable raw material upcycling of a waste product
  • lower raw material consumption compared to wood-containing paper bleech-free production, no optical brighteners, no colouring chemicals
  • natural coloured sugar cane paper saves 12.6% energy and 13.0% water (compared to bleached sugar cane paper)
  • odourless pulping process that is harmless to health

Growth and Harvest Period

Today, 650 million tonnes of bagasse remain unused worldwide every year. At the same time, every fifth felled tree falls victim to the paper industry. By converting bagasse into paper, half of these trees could be saved.